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ENGR 101/CSE 101
Engineering & Computer Science Orientation

Course Number & Title:
ENGR 101 / CSE 101, Engineering & Computer Science Orientation, 1 Credit
"2 hours of presentation/workshop"


Text Books and Course Material:
* Course Material
* All required material will be provided
* A USB drive would be helpful (Optional)

Web Enhanced Material:
* Link to Canvas
* Library Research Guide

* None, other than your interest in learning about Engineering & Computer Science

This course is the first course for students interested in Engineering and Computer Science. Topics covered include effective planning, communication, teamwork, and exposure to Engineering & Computer Science educational / career opportunities and challenges.

Course Outcomes Assessments Program Outcomes
1. Understanding Engineering & Computer Science career and education fields. Class Participation AST2-B
2. Recognize the importance and key elements of educational planning. Education Plan AST2-A
3. Ability to use available resources and tools relevant to area of interest. Presentations AST2-C


 Topics   Assignments
* Education Levels
* Fields of Engineering & Computer Science
* Guide to Engineering & Computer Science Courses
* AST-2 Degrees & Course Requirements
* Team Formation

* Team Formation Based on Interest
* Education Plan
    prepare with Faculty Adviser
Industry Research
* Sources of Industry Information
* Select & Research 3 Companies
* Preparing and Presenting

* 5-minute presentation on selected
Company Research
* Company In-depth Research
* Preparing and Presenting

* 5-minute 3-company presentation
Problem Solving
* 5-Step Creative Problem Solving
* Apply 5-step creative Problem Solving Process

* Apply the 5-Step Creative
    Problem Solving Process
Mechanical Project
* Introduction to Gravity /Physcial Forces
* Experiment-Tower
* Demonstration

* Present and demonstrate
    optimal Tower
Electrical Project
* Introduction to Electromagnetic Forces
* Experiment-Elevator
* Demonstration

* Present and demonstrate
    optimal Elevator
Computer Science Project
* Introduction to Scratch Development Environment
* Experiement - 2 minute Story
* Demonstration

* Demonstrate Story on Scratch
* Resume Writting
* Interview Guides

* Internship Plan
Course Retrospective
* Unanswered Education & Career questions
* Course Evaluation/Feedback

* Plan & Reflection
  No Final Exam